I want to remember this one thing
My own life lessons in my work
If there is someone out there who feels the same way I do, that alone makes me happy


amazing / アメイジング
I’m doing my best just to stay alive.Just by being alive, I’m dealing with conflicts with people and a lot of emotions within myself.Even when I’m lying down, my mind is working twice as hard as usual.Don’t think that you are not working hard.Please don’t be in a hurry.You are always doing your best.

This is a piece of work I created from an objective viewpoint of myself, helplessly impatient as time passes by day by day. These words are meant to inspire me when I feel depressed that I have so much to do every day, that time just flies by, and that I have not accomplished anything. If you have a negative mindset, things will not go in the right direction. So I made an effort to change my way of thinking. It’s not that I haven’t done anything.” I worked as hard as I could for the whole day, to the best of my ability. What I did today will definitely come back to haunt me in the future, just not in a tangible form today. Even when I’m lying down before going to bed, I’m working at full capacity, thinking about all kinds of things, so I should admit that to myself. If the result is the same, it is better to be positive. Like myself, in the midst of my daily busyness, I feel depressed because I feel inadequate, or I need to work harder! I hope to deliver this message to those who are trying too hard.


never give up/ネバギバ
No matter how many times I break, I’ll get back up.
Even if it’s in a twisted way, that’s who I am.
Sometimes I need someone to support me.
Sometimes I’ll gently support someone else.
Let’s just look straight up.
And one day, when we bloom.
Let’s make a flower garden togethe
何度折れても 立ち上がろう 歪な形でも それが自分
時には支えてもらって 時にはそっと支えて
まっすぐ上だけを見よう そうしていつか咲いたら

In my work and interactions with others, I sometimes feel intensely depressed, envious of others…and backward. Over and over again, with my heart breaking, I failed again and again, I didn’t get very far, and I wasn’t smart at all ……, but in those times, I had people who reached out to me. In this way, through being exposed to the warmth of others, I was able to honestly accept myself, that this is who I am. Even though I had a distorted path with many broken marks, I thought to myself that this was proof that I had always tried my best, and that I should be proud of it. I also thought that when the person who reached out to me lost his or her way, I would do my best to support him or her. I hope that one day I will be able to laugh with my friends who supported each other in this way and say, “I was able to achieve a satisfactory result in my own way,” and that is how I created this work.


Hypocrisy is good if it is sustained
Keep trying to be good.

Do you sometimes have negative feelings that suddenly cross your mind? But immediately, it’s time to change the course of your mind, saying, “Oh, I shouldn’t be thinking like this. At such times, there is always a shadow over my mind. Oh, how dirty my mind is. I wanted to have a clean heart,” but it was very difficult to control my spontaneous emotions, and I kept thinking that I was a hypocrite for consciously changing my behavior. But after much worrying, one day I reopened my mind. It was okay to be a hypocrite. It is difficult to control emotions completely. On the other hand, it is also different to act in a way that you feel is wrong. Then I thought, “Let’s go through with the action that I feel is right, even if it is hypocritical. Even if a wrong feeling arises for a moment, I correct my emotional trajectory, saying, “That’s not right. And then, to what I think is right, I also change the course of my action. You can’t see what’s in your heart. I created this work with the hope that if I could carry through with this “hypocrisy” that I think is right for the rest of my life, it could someday become “good.

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my girl/マイガール
May you always be happy.
May you always have a smile on your face.
The one and only existence that gave me the strong will to live.
I wish I could watch over you forever and ever.

This was drawn in reference to a picture of my own daughter. To be honest, until my daughter was born, I had been living by inertia. I was living because I didn’t want to die because it looked like it would hurt, and I was living because I didn’t want to die. I changed when my daughter was born. I became determined not to die until I had raised her to be a full-fledged human being. She gave me something that I consider more important than my own life. A child who gave me a strong will to live. I want her to be happy forever and ever. I want her to smile forever and ever. Such earnest wishes are contained in this book. If I go in order, the time will come when I will leave this world first. I cannot bear to let this child go through the pain of parting with her guts, but I created this work with the hope that she will lead a life with as little pain as possible after that. The subject of this work is a child for me, but I am sure that you all have one person with whom you have such strong feelings.


Adults are always adult beginners.

大人は常に 大人の初心者

As we gain experience, don’t you think we naturally become more patient? Of course, sometimes it is important to be patient. But adults are also beginners. There are some things that are not understood until one gets older. Every time anyone gets one year older, they experience that age for the first time. So it is natural to be troubled, and it is okay to say that what is painful is painful. It’s nothing to be ashamed of at all.
This is what I thought when I hit a big wall and was having a hard time, but I told myself that I was an adult and had to be patient. This is what I felt when I was forcing myself to hold back and look at myself. I am afraid of experiencing things for the first time no matter how old I am, and as long as I am alive, my first experiences will come again and again. I made this work because I thought that it might be okay to rely on someone else once in a while, without being conceited.